We're passionate about two things: really great hair styling tools and your happiness. Which is why we've created a library of tutorial videos with simple instructions and expert tips.  For killer hair styling, this is as easy as it gets!

How To

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    Quick Overview

    Supplies you will need:  Scissors, Rat Tail Comb, FURA Pins, MAHA Pins

    Step 1

    UNROLL AND CUT the secret filler to desired amount.  We recommend starting with 10 inches (but feel free to use more or less depending on the style you are trying to achieve).

    Step 2

    PREP - lift a section of hair above the area where you will place The Secret Filler and tease the roots.

    Step 3

    BASE - to create a base, use the MAHA pins to create a tic-tac-toe pattern on the teased hair

    Step 4

    FOLD and shape by stretching The Secret Filler to the style you are trying to create.

    Step 5

    PLACE the fold that you created and place it over the tic-tac-toe pattern by using the FURA pins.

    Step 6

    SECURE -put the FURA pin through the corners of The Secret Filler and secure the FURA pin behind the tic-tac-toe base that you have already created.

    Step 7

    COVER - take 1/8 horizontal piece of hair directly above The Secret Filler. Tease it from root to end and cover the entire Filler.  If you wish to create volume in other areas, repeat process in another area of the hair.

    Step 8

    VOILAcongratulations on achieving your final look!